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Our objectives are:

  • To disseminate a culture of culture of effects of application of law on the society, social economy, social integration and human rights, our work and activities aim at strengthening civil society and at inducing a change to the general level of awareness and sensibility towards societal peace, International peace, human rights and democracy.
  • The protection and defense of human rights in M.E., Europe and worldwide.
  • To assist and rehabilitate victims of violations of human rights.
    Intervene in situations where human rights are violated.
    Attract international attention to situations where human rights are violated.
  • It is a laboratory of social science, intended to explore various cultural and geographical contexts multiple objects in the field: political parties, social mobilization, political and administrative institutions, public policies, electoral processes, political communication, and European governance and internationally.
  • Training of students, teachers, professionals and all interested in Europe and worldwide.
  • To contribute to the process of changing society towards a more democratic and social upbringing, and to be conducive to the enhancement of rule of Law, respective of human rights. 
  • To aid governmental and non-governmental organisations in monitoring, documenting, and following up on the situation of social situations, as a step towards improving these rights on all legislative and executive levels.
  • To participate in revising local laws and regulations to support effective justice reform based on the rule of law.
  • To protect and to encourage human rights activists, and to support them in developing their skills.
  • To provide a scientifically-founded statistical and informational data base on relevant local, regional and international declarations, covenants, and conventions.

About Us

The European Institute for International Relations (EIIR) is one of unique establishments to combine both legal and strategic studies in the same frame.

The European Institute for International Relations (EIIR) is an independent, promoting and scientific, center for studies, research