Myanmar mulls change to law seen as violating free speech Suu Kyi1.jpg

Myanmar is considering amendments to a law that human rights monitors say violates free speech and has been used to jail journalists and activists, leader Aung San Suu Kyi said on Thursday.

Pentagon Admits Major Investigation Flaw They Rarely Talk to Air Strike Witnesses or Victims.jpg


In a transcript of a Pentagon Press Briefing, released this week by Airwars, n.S. Central Command’s Deputy Director for Operations made a striking admission about U.S. investigations into civilian casualties in Syria:

US, Gulf Allies, Must Own Up to Their Role in Yemen’s Human Rights Abuses.jpg

A Yemeni man recently phoned me about two relatives who have been secretly detained for more than a year in southern Yemen.

Australia’s Abusive Asylum Policy Rebuked Again.jpg

This week, the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights reviewed Australia’s asylum policy. Once again, Australia’s officials were both disingenuous and unconvincing in their appearance before the committee,

Iraq New Abuse, Execution Reports of Men Fleeing Mosul.jpg


Allegations are emerging of Iraqi forces beating and unlawfully killing men and boys fleeing Mosul in the final phase of the battle against the Islamic State (also known as ISIS), Human Rights Watch said today.

Central African Republic Civilians Targeted in War.jpg


Armed groups in the Central African Republic have killed civilians with wholesale impunity, spurring more violence in the war-torn country, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

Russia Government vs. Rights Groups.jpg


For the past four years, the Kremlin has sought to stigmatize criticism or alternative views of government policy as disloyal, foreign-sponsored, or even traitorous.  It is part of a sweeping crackdown to silence critical voices that has included new legal restrictions on the internet, on freedom of expression, on the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, and on other fundamental freedoms.  

EU Boat Migration Demands Shared Responsibility.jpg


Measures to tackle boat migration in the central Mediterranean – proposed on July 3, 2017, by the European Union migration commissioner and the interior ministers of Italy, France, and Germany – fall far short of what is needed, Human Rights Watch said today.

Poland EU Should Tackle Unsafe Returns to Belarus.jpg


The European Commission should take enforcement action to address Poland’s summary returns of asylum seekers to Belarus, three leading rights groups have said today. Amnesty International, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, and Human Rights Watch highlight how Poland is in breach of human rights law, refugee law, European Union law and orders by the European Court of Human Rights.

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