Former CIA head, retired General Michael Hayden, has expressed in front of the cameras of CNN's Jim Sciutto, for « Fareed Zakaria GPS », his fear that ISIS would « sooner rather than later » attack targets in Europe and the USA, going so far as to suggest it would organise attacks of an intensity similar to 9/11. But it seems that such fears are really exaggerated, as the Islamic State is likely to focus on the consolidation of its own structures for the next few years, and not into the organisation of terrorist attacks outside of the Middle East.

Two Human Rights Watch reports have been published, denouncing the recruitment campaigns of Islamists, that have targeted children (http://www.hrw.org/node/126063/) and their use of cluster bombs in Syria (www.hrw.org/news/2014/09/01/syria-evidence-islamic-state-cluster-munition-use). Bashar Al-Assad's regime has also been documented to be massively using cluster bombs.

An Islamic « Caliphate », which ISIS wants simply to be called the « Islamic State », has been proclaimed by the Sunni militant group over the territories it controls. Their intent is to unificate the Middle East on religious lines and to make the promotion of the Sunni « ideology » against the Shias. This is the point of proclaiming a « Caliphate » : the Caliph is the successor of Prophet Muhammad in the Sunni lecture of the Coran. The Shias said that this succession should only be granted to descendants (through the family line) of the Prophet. In other words, this is a strong act of propaganda against the Shias. It should be also noted that re-creating an Islamic caliphate recovering the large borders of historical caliphates (Umayyads / Abbasids) is a project that fits well with the ideas of many Islamic leaders. Generally speaking, ISIS says that no Sunni Muslim will ever have any excuse not to support this state.

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