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Russia is in favor of an open and rules-based trade order to boost global growth, and sanctions imposed against Moscow are a "covert form" of protectionism, President Vladimir Putin was quoted as saying on Thursday ahead of a G20 summit in Germany.

The companies Nexter, ex-Giat Industries, in France, and KMW (Krauss MaffeiWegmann), in Germany, have started to merge on July 1. This will require a privatisation law in France, while KMW is a family-owned business. They will form a joint-venture owned at 50% by each side, with a « golden share » for the French state to protect specific activities such as weapons systems and ammunitions. The French CEO of Nexter Philippe Burtin talks about “maintaining unity between the systems and ammunition activities of the group”, and “preserve its ability to design systems (systémier)”. Regarding ammunitions, the French state

In this article, like the AbbéSiéyès, a clergyman who addressed a political pamphlet to France's Finance Minister in order to defend the “Third Estate” shortly before the 1789 Revolution, we will present what is called “De-globalization”, why it should be promoted and some ideas to develop.

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