At least 10 Egyptian soldiers were killed, including a colonel, and several injured in two suicide attacks on army checkpoints in northern Sinai on Friday, security sources said.

U.S. President Donald Trump once more urged NATO allies in Europe on Thursday to spend more on defense, on a visit to Poland that had been billed as an opportunity for him to patch up relations after a tense alliance summit in May.

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U.S. President Donald Trump meets eastern NATO allies in Warsaw on Thursday amid expectations he will reaffirm Washington's commitment to counter threats from Russia after unnerving them in May by failing to endorse the principle of collective defense.

Not everybody asserts as confidently as the Pentagon that the U.S. military can defend the United States from the growing threat posed by North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile capability.

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North Korea said on Tuesday it successfully test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) for the first time, which flew a trajectory that experts said could allow a weapon to hit the U.S. state of Alaska.

The French Foreign Legion has its « romantic » reputation, for it includes volunteers from almost 150 different countries. It has been engaged in all of the recent conflicts involving the French military (Rwanda, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Mali...). It is famous for being the only military corps allowing foreign citizens to change their identity and, purportedly, to obtain a French passport after the service. In reality the Légionnaires now obtain solely a residence permit after three years of service, and the naturalisation procedure is extremely facilitated (but most soldiers do not ask for it). This article develops the hypothesis that, because of its history and of the current conditions of life of its volunteers, the French Foreign Legion promotes a culture of violence, of the « spilled blood » as the Légion says itself, a culture which is associated to the French nationality. The Légion propagates the idea that France is first and foremost a nation of violence, and not a nation of justice.

The information comes from the French newspaper l'Humanité. According to the testimony of a Norwegian surgeon, Israel is using Dense Inert Metal Explosive bombs in Gaza, violating the Protocol 1 of the Geneva Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, to which Israel is party. Dr. Erik Fosse, who has come for humanitarian purposes, testifies that Israel is using in Gaza these bombs, which have a shrapnel effect on civilians. He knows them because he was already intervening in Gaza in 2008 – 2009, and already had to denounce the use of this weapon, together with Palestinian doctors. The way Israel is using DIME bombs in Gaza may amount to a war crime.

Two air raids against Islamist forces have taken place in the past week in Libya. The New York Times says that four senior American officials have accused Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, and that the USA were « caught by surprise » by the move. The first set of air strikes occurred at the beginning of the past week, hitting a small weapons depot and other targets, killing six people. The second set of air strikes occurred south of Tripoli early on Saturday, and would have been intended at avoiding the seizure of a Zintani-controlled airport by Islamist-allied militias of the Misrata city known as the “Libyan Shield”. And before dawn, rockets launchers, military vehicles and another depot were also bombed, killing at least a dozen people. But “Libyan Shield” forces, who affirm they are battling against “former allies of Gadhafi”, nevertheless managed to seize the airport.

On Sunday 24 August, 44 persons have been killed in Iraq. August casualties so far are 1 203 civilians, according to website Iraq Body Count. In total, between 127 822 and 143 110 civilians have died in the country since the 2003 invasion. George W. Bush, some months after the beginning of the war, said that « the world is safer now ». But numbers alone contradict blatantly this affirmation. And every country invaded by the USA, or that has been one of their allies, like Pakistan, has been the breeding ground for more terrorism than the « war on terror » has ever managed to suppress or reduce. On the post-Cold War pretext of fighting terrorism, US invasions in the Middle East have always triggered instability and insecurity.

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