On Sunday 24 August, 44 persons have been killed in Iraq. August casualties so far are 1 203 civilians, according to website Iraq Body Count. In total, between 127 822 and 143 110 civilians have died in the country since the 2003 invasion. George W. Bush, some months after the beginning of the war, said that « the world is safer now ». But numbers alone contradict blatantly this affirmation. And every country invaded by the USA, or that has been one of their allies, like Pakistan, has been the breeding ground for more terrorism than the « war on terror » has ever managed to suppress or reduce. On the post-Cold War pretext of fighting terrorism, US invasions in the Middle East have always triggered instability and insecurity.

The British government has taken the initiative to review its sale of £8 billion in arms and military goods to Israel, in order to assess whether each licence is appropriate in the context of the conflict in Gaza, reports The Guardian.

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